The JA-77x Vintage Ribbon Passive Microphone

the king of darkness

With a circuit drawing inspiration from the earliest RCA ribbons, the JA-77x is a completely passive 8 ribbon microphone featuring an ultra-thin fluted pure Aluminium element tuned to a custom designed dual bobbin transformer.

Designed with a relatively low noise FET circuit and a 2 micron thick element, our JA-77x microphones have been crafted using only the highest quality components then meticulously tuned and tested by hand.

The lo-fi, old school and very dirty sound of retro analogue electronics is here. Loads of personality and surprisingly practical.

the spec

· 2 micron low tension fluted Aluminium ribbon element
· Figure-Eight Pattern
· <400 ohm Impedance
· 30hz to 16khz Frequency response
· -18db(A weight) noise
· .5% distortion @ 134db
· Custom dual bobbin transformer output
·Fixed 5m microphone cable
· Custom yolk-mount
· Protective Nylon Bag
· Aluminium Road Case

the sound

The Jeanne Audio JA-77x isn't afraid to sound old school. Loads of warmth mixed with dark tones make this a must have for those looking for more flavour options.

Recording with the JA-77x is like stepping into a time machine with its solid shape and retro tone. It has a dark moodiness which reproduces sound in an almost lo-fi manner with a really flattering softening of harsh frequencies. It’s become a secret weapon for many engineers on guitar cabs and specialised vocal use. This one is for engineers really after something totally unique and very, very yesteryear.


finally, microphones with character

... if you're looking for a microphone with 'that' sound, you'll find it here.