The JA-47T Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone

the legend for all

With a circuit taken from the same book as the legendary Neumann U-47T, the JA-47T is a multi-pattern tube condenser microphone with an accurately designed high quality 6 micron German style capsule coupled with a hand selected 6072a dual triode tube and custom transformer.

Like our JA-251, the JA-47T has been particularly designed utilising a TRUE tube based circuit design and has been crafted using only the highest quality components then meticulously tuned and tested by hand. Following the tube circuit, a high quality BV8 dual bobbin transformer is also utilised. The BV8 has been wound to the same specifications as the original U-47T microphones ensuring the output of the JA-47T is highly desirable.

After over two years of development, the JA-47T is finally ready to be released and we're extremely pleased with the result. You now have the chance to own a tube microphone that will rival the all-time classics at a mere fraction of the cost. Demo one for yourself; we know you'll be impressed.

the spec

· 1.07” 6 micron gold sputtered German style capsule
· 9 patterns: Omni, Cardioid, Figure-Eight and 7 stages
· <200 ohm Impedance
· 25hz to 20khz Frequency response
· -17db(A weight) noise
· .5% distortion @ 125db
· Class ‘A’ 6072a tube circuit
· BV8 dual bobbin transformer output
· Robust Shock-Mount
· 5 Pin XLR Cable
· Included Power Supply
· Protective Wooden Box
· Aluminium Road Case

the sound

The Jeanne Audio JA-47T has a clean, thick and even sound. Its smooth dynamic response and extremely high headroom make it the ideal choice for world class vocals. The exceptionally flawless tube circuit delivers a unique and unmistakable flavour with just the right amount of detail.

This superb microphone gives any tube condenser a run for its money. Problematic voices and instruments are instantly given a vintage signature with its honeyed colouration. A natural bottom, warm midrange and a subtle but present top makes the JA-47T a must have in any studio.

The JA-47T is one of those microphones we could go on about forever but we couldn't do it justice. One of the most sought-after tube sounds of all time is now available once again. You simply need to hear one for yourself.


finally, microphones with character

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