The JA-44x Vintage Ribbon Passive Microphone

Mellow Magic

With a circuit drawing inspiration from famed RCA ribbons, the JA-44x is an active figure 8 ribbon microphone boasting an ultra-thin fluted pure Aluminium element tuned to a custom designed Cinemag transformer.

Designed with a very low noise FET circuit and a 2 micron thick element, our JA-44x microphones have been crafted using only the highest quality components then meticulously tuned and tested by hand.

Finally, the acclaimed and very much desired sound only a ribbon can provide is available to all at a price suitable for mere mortals!

the spec

· 2 micron low tension fluted Aluminium ribbon element
· Figure-Eight Pattern
· <300 ohm Impedance
· 30hz to 19khz Frequency response
· -18db(A weight) noise
· .5% distortion @ 142db
· Custom Cinemag Transformer output
· Robust Shock-Mount
· Protective Wooden Box
· Aluminium Road Case

the sound

The Jeanne Audio JA-44x has a mellow and rounded mood that captures sound with purity and verity... It's too mellow to gloat.

Recording sound sources naturally is a joy as the JA-44x softens harsh tones, maintains a rich and full timbre and handles transients with realism and clarity. Whether recording overheads, brass sections, strings, vocals or troublesome instruments, the JA-44x is extremely versatile adding gentle flattery and grace to anything placed in front of it. Its asymmetrical pattern has a very wide sweet spot making it perfect for stereo applications and ambient applications alike.

… And the best way to describe the sound? Mellow, even, full and smooth. Recording difficult instruments quickly becomes a thing of the past with the JA-44x.


finally, microphones with character

... if you're looking for a microphone with 'that' sound, you'll find it here.