The JA-251 FET Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

welcome to warmth

With a circuit inspired by the classic AKG C12 and vintage ELA-M 251 microphones, the JA-251 is a multi-pattern tube condenser microphone with an exceptionally high quality 6 micron German style capsule optimized for classic response and matched to the hand selected 6072a dual triode tube.

Custom designed utilising a TRUE tube based circuit design, our JA-251 Microphones have been crafted using only the highest quality components then meticulously tuned and tested by hand. Following the tube circuit, a high quality transformer is also utilised. This dual bobbin transformer has been wound to the original Telefunken blueprints making it almost identical to the transformers used in the original legendary Neumann M49 and M50 Microphones.

The JA-251 is truly comparable to classic vintage tube microphones costing over ten times as much. This is the best in Tube microphone design finally made available to all… It’s almost too good to be true (but we assure you, it is).

the spec

· 1.07” 6 micron gold sputtered German style capsule
· 9 patterns: Omni, Cardioid, Figure-Eight and 7 stages
· <200 ohm Impedance
· 15hz to 20khz Frequency response
· -17db(A weight) noise
· .5% distortion @ 125db
· Class ‘A’ 6072a tube circuit
· BV11 Transformer output
· Robust Shock-Mount
· 7 Pin XLR Cable
· Included Power Supply
· Protective Wooden Box
· Aluminium Road Case

the sound

The Jeanne Audio JA-251 captures the essence of any sound with its notably favourable tube colouration. The JA-251 adds tasteful glamour, body and flavour to vocals and instruments alike with huge headroom and a fast transient response.

The sought after warmth only Tubes can deliver are one of the biggest appeals of the JA-251. Finally you can give your Vocal and Instrument recordings that fat and fuzzy sound you’ve always wanted without the fat and fearful price tag.

This gorgeously detailed Microphone has adds warmth to anything recorded with it. With a big and round bottom, clear and crisp midrange and a top just makes you want to cry tears of joy, the JA-251 is extremely dynamic, versatile and very hard to beat.


finally, microphones with character

... if you're looking for a microphone with 'that' sound, you'll find it here.