About Us


We’re a humble mob, but we’re a little annoyed. Too many manufacturers promise results but they just don’t deliver. So, a few years ago we decided to start making microphones with the ‘expensive’ sound and without the mortifying price tag.

It’s been going really well too... As we continue to make ground (and get a lot of manufacturers in the industry angry), we continue to dispel myths about what makes a great microphone and why so many people are led astray spending thousands of dollars unnecessarily. That's why you probably won't find us in many magazines, it’s all politics!


Our microphones

Well, our microphones hold up against the big boys and our biggest supporters have been guys in the audio industry; professionals who’ve become frustrated with the deceptive behaviour of microphone manufacturers with too many gimmicks and wildly inflated prices.

Without the premiums and marketing hype, we aim to present you with something of real value for money.

Each microphone is custom designed, built and refined by hand then tuned and tested to ensure optimal performance. Whether you’re after a classic tube sound, a vintage analogue FET circuit or a mellowed out ribbon; the sound associated with the most sought after microphones are now a realistic option for studio owners of all levels.

Have a look at our products and check out our testimonials to see for yourself. You've stumbled onto the brand that all the bad men in the smoky room don’t want you to know about.


finally, microphones with character

... if you're looking for a microphone with 'that' sound, you'll find it here.